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"Ready-made clothes force people to fit into given sizes, whereas a tailor-made costume optimally fits the desired shape, character and taste."

SUCCESS; growth and better business results are the major priorities of organizations. In a globalized world with new economic challenges and changing business needs, importance has been mainly given to task performance and operational effectiveness. "Getting things done within the deadlines, cost and time-effectiveness and restructuring" are the catchphrases of our time. These measures are short-run solutions and they are not innovative as there is a lack of strategy.

Strategy means innovation. Developing a strategy requires thinking out of the box, focusing on the future, developing ideas and hypotheses and creating new approaches and products. It is a creative process. In recent years most organizations have either neglected strategic planning or they have relied on concepts developed by consultants. Outsourcing strategy development to external consultants is outsourcing management.

I promote a different approach. I do not come up with a ready-made concept. I believe that the best solutions and answers can be found within your organization. It is the correct questions that you don´t know. Innovation and strategy can only grow through a participatory process. I propose a partnership where my role is to act as a facilitator. In guided discussions, I help you unleash your potential and redirect focus towards a creative process of developing your unique strategy.

My model consists of three stages. It encompasses:

  1. Raising awareness about potentials
  2. Analyzing the situation
  3. Identifying the action points and Implementation.

My model combines executive coaching techniques and team coaching skills with business acumen and project management competencies.

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