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In today’s hectic business world, executives sometimes need a break and time to reflect. However, being able to think out of the box, exploring new ideas and finding solutions is difficult on one’s own. Different from executive coaching which requires a long-term commitment and focuses on personal development, what I offer through executive talks is a short-term solution-focused brain storming. In executive talks, the executive comes up with a specific problem and together we explore solutions to it and develop an applicable action plan.


During the last years, organizations have hyper-focused on developing leadership capabilities. A myriad of books, trainings, workshops, seminars and personality tests on the market revolve around the question what makes a leader. They offer different formula for authentic, charismatic, inspirational, or sustainable leadership. However, there is no one-size fit formula for leadership; it is individual. The only common component is that we are all humans with basic psychological human needs. Authentic, charismatic, inspirational, or sustainable leaders are those who are well aware of that.

My “Back to Basics Concept” focuses on the psychological human needs that shape any human relation. I help executives rediscover these needs, how to apply this knowledge in their everyday interactions and thereby develop their personal competencies.


Neuroscientists agree that the way we think and understand the world, the way we act and communicate with others is significantly related to whether we tend to use our left or right brains. But, today’s complex world requires whole brain thinking; being able to use our brain’s full potential. Whole brain thinking helps you manage people and enables you to speak the language they understand.

The Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) is a tool which helps measure individuals’ brain profiles. As a certified NBI Assessment Analyst, I analyse your brain profile and show you how you can use the full capacity of your brain and maximize your potential.


Resilience is the ability to be able to deal with pressure and stress. Resilience enables people to thrive and enjoy themselves even under demanding conditions, and also to recover more quickly from setbacks. Together with my colleague, Dr. Margret Beisheim (www.beisheim.at), we developed a model that helps create a resilient environment within organizations. The model consists of three phases:

Help the management teams gain a new mind-set about what they can do to make their employees more resilient.

Help employees discover how to become self-organized and resilient.

Bring both parties together, facilitate exchange and elaborate together further steps to be implemented.


Building synergy is more than simple team building; it is about creating a combined power among different units. It is a positive process that starts with exploring the strengths and potentials, and continues until smooth interaction and a flow among the units is achieved. This process requires the dedication and support of the management, the stakeholders’ commitment to share knowledge and experience, mutual respect and facilitation by a professional outsider. I am offering a partnership in this complex but promising process.

My synergy building model is tailor-made. It starts with understanding your dynamics and defining your needs. In an inclusive process I help you and your organization explore the strengths and potentials to be combined and learn from each other’s experiences. In the last phase, I elaborate milestones and an action plan and accompany you during the implementation.


Seminars, workshops and training programs focusing on personal development are important but often fail to instigate enduring change among participants. They are usually one-shot events that transmit knowledge on a theoretical level and do not involve time to digest and implement it in reality. I argue that sustainable change can be only achieved through transformative learning. My method builds on regularity, repetition, practice and internalization and can be easily integrated into daily life.

I offer transformative learning in the following fields:

How to Know Yourself?

Cultural Competence and Diversity Management

Generation Management

Immunity to Change and How to Overcome it?

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

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